Marianne Egger de Campo, Christian Fleck

Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften 1/2018

The End of Social Democracy?

The second half of the 20th century has been called „the social democratic era“. The expansion of the welfare state, the tremendous increase in income that went with it, and the social security of an expanding economy were seen as evidence for this notion.
The dwindling impact of the left on public opinion and consequently policy-making leads to the question whether we are now facing „the end of social democracy“.
This volume brings together studies on the trajectories of social democratic parties in several European countries, challenging and contradicting the thesis of the social democratic era and its fall. Focusing on different periods of post-war history, the authors show similarities and differences between the various national flavours of the moderate left.




end of social democracy?

Karim Fertikh
The Godesberg Program and its Aftermath: A Socio-histoire of an Ideological Transformation in European Social Democracies

Harm Kaal
Work in Progress: Class and Voter Interaction in Election Campaigns of Dutch Social Democrats, c. 1945 to the 1970s

Jan Hansen
The End of the SPD as We Knew it? Euromissiles, Peace Activism, and the Transformation of the Political

Alan Granadino
Between Radical Rhetoric and Political Moderation: The Portuguese PS and Ist International Networks in the Carnation Revolution


Jan De Graaf
The Golden Age and its Malcontents: Continental Socialists and Social Democrats Facing the British and Scandinavian Models

Fritz Weber
Die Sozialdemokratie auf dem Weg von oder zu sich selbst. Gibt es eine Logik in der politischen Entwicklung der letzten 150 Jahre?

Open Space

Andreas Kranebitter
Der „Kampf gegen das Verbrechertum“ im nationalsozialistischen Österreich. Die Kriminalpolizei und die Radikalisierung der NS-Verfolgungspolitik nach 1938

Thomas König
A Strategy of Containment: Heinrich Drimmel’s Political Activism in the Realm of Higher Education Policy in the Early Second Republic


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