Paul Schober

Join in a Job!

Practitioner’s manual. A career guidance method for migrants

The intercultural career guidance method “Join In a Job!” aims at empowering young people with migration background for the job market and VET. A portfolio of questionnaires, diagnostic tools and worksheets assist career guidance officers in their work with young migrants – country specific tools are available here on CD for practitioners in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Poland.

8 hints for using “Join In a Job!”
1. Experiences in career guidance and intercultural work are essential to use the method effectively.
2. Before using the method, get involved with the variety of tools and diagnostic
instruments first.
3. It is not intended to use all instruments for all clients – this is rather a toolkit!
4. Rephrase personal questions to what is appropriate for the individual client.
5. Mind maps visualize the holistic approach: various living areas are important for the job search.
6. Parts of the method can also be used in group settings.
7. The most suitable career guidance setting is a long-term one.
8. Clients are experts of their own (professional) life!


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