Reinhold Wagnleitner

Satchmo Meets Amadeus

Satchmo Meets Amadeus examines the close encounters between classical music, the soundtrack of the Europeanization of the world, and jazz, the classical music of globalization. This collection of essays by renowned experts in the history of European and American music, African American culture, international cultural encounters, the political, economic, and cultural histories of New Orleans and Salzburg, the political exploitation of music during the eras of National Socialism and the Cold War, the economic utilization of art by music and tourism industries, bypasses the artificial crevice between classical music and jazz, the new world and the old. Satchmo Meets Amadeus analyzes the cultural, economic, social, and political structures shaping or hindering the creation of music as well as the construction of popular images and myths about (and against) these seminal musical figures – in short, the creation of Satchmo™ and Amadeus™ – from the 18th to the beginning of the 21st century.

The collection is enhanced by the insights of noted musicians Joe Muranyi (the last surviving member of the Louis Armstrong All Stars), Tom McDermott, Wolfgang Pillinger, Abi von Reininghaus, and S. Frederick Starr. Other authors include Connie Atkinson, (University of New Orleans), John H. Baron (Tulane University, New Orleans); Erwin Giedenbacher (University of Salzburg), Hubert Giesinger (Salzburg), Christian Gruber (University of Salzburg), Rainer Gstrein (University of Innsbruck), Robert Hoffmann (University of Salzburg), Tad Jones (New Orleans), Kurt Luger (University of Salzburg), David Nelson (University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s School of Music), Berndt Ostendorf (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich), Clemens Panagl (Salzburg), Gilda Pasetzky (Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon), Lawrence N. Powell (Tulane University, New Orleans), Oliver Rathkolb (University of Vienna), Jack Stewart (New Orleans), Penny Von Eschen (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), and Reinhold Wagnleitner (University of Salzburg).


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