Renate Klein, Bernard Wallner

Conflict, Gender, and Violence

For the sixth year in a row the annual conference of the European Research Network on Conflict, Gender, and Violence provided an international forum in which a multidisciplinary group of participants met to discuss current work on gender-based abuse, its interpersonal, social, and cultural dimensions, and promising intervention and prevention strategies.
In this publication a wide range of topics reflected an equally wide range of theoretical underpinnings and methodological choices. This lead to a conceptual and methodological diversity of the contributions.

This books contains a three-fold goal:

To provide unique opportunities to network across disciplines and shake up established ways of thinking.

To examine the „added value“ of work generated within European cultural contexts and disseminate it to an international audience.

To stimulate innovative thinking and serve as a springboard for joint research projects that benefit from cross-national or interdisciplinary collaboration.


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