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Invitation to the lecture "Samuel Steinherz (1857-1942)" by Gerhard Oberkofler



Maiselova 15, 110 00 Prague 1, 3rd floor
Thursday 23 June, 6 p.m.: The Life and Work of Samuel Steinherz. Historian Samuel Steinherz was born in Güssig, Austria. Later he studied history in Graz and in Vienna where he, in a strongly anti-Semitic environment of a conservative German nationalistic intelligence, became certified to teach Austrian and general history. Steinherz, who remained faithful to the Jewish belief, devoted all his effort to building the scientific career of a historian. In 1901, he was appointed to the Department of History at Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague. According to the rule of succession, he was to become a rector in 1922/23. In the times of the Monarchy, the solution of such a delicate matter was that the rector, if of a Jewish origin, voluntarily resigned. Steinherz, however, resisted this demeaning tradition and did not resign even under pressure. He became the first Jewish rector at a German speaking university. On 6 July 1942 Steinherz and his wife were dragged to the concentration camp in the Terezín Ghetto. Even on his 85th birthday he - almost blind - gave a lecture on the history of the Jews in Bohemia. A lecture by Austrian historian Gerhard Oberkofler is held in collaboration with the Society for the History of the Jews in the Czech Republic within the series of lectures of the Samuel-Steinherz-Stiftung Foundation in Nürnberg. The lecture will be held in German and Czech with interpretation.

Gerhard Oberkofler: Samuel Steinherz (1857-1942)



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