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Sabine Zauchner, Karin Siebenhandl, Michael Wagner Gender in E-Learning and Educational Games A Reader

A reflection on e-learning from a gender perspective is essential in order to sensitize the public for the diversity of needs of male and female learners, and to draw attention to the risk that gendered structures in learning and education tend to be reproduced in e-learning scenarios. Dealing with a broad variety of topics in the fields of gender, e-learning, and educational games, this book brings together research and development projects as well as best practice examples. By giving insight into their expertise, the authors of this anthology give a comprehensive picture of the various aspects of recent research and practice in their respective fields.

Mag. Dr. Sabine Zauchner, since 2002 course director of the master courses “E-Teaching – E-Learning” and “ICT-Management for Educational Institutions” at the Danube University, coordinator of the Socrates
(Minerva) project “Sitcom– Simulating IT-Careers for Women”, research topics: women and ICT, e-learning and gender issues.

DI Dr. Karin Siebenhandl, course director at the Danube University Krems, founding member of the initiative “Technology and Women”. In 2004, Austrian (ÖGUT) Environmental price (Technology and Women). Coordinator of NOEL: new opportunities for equality and work of the future from 2002 to 2004
(Country of Lower Austria). WP-Lead within Sitcom: Simulating IT Carriers for Women, Socrates (Minerva) project. Main interests: Gender and technology, gender perspectives on sustainable information design.

Michael Wagner is Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning and Multimedia at the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technology at Danube University Krems. His current research interest is digital youth culture and its influences on teaching and learning, both formally and informally. More specifically, he is working in the fields of competitive and power gaming as well as educational gaming and computer game literacy.

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ISBN: 978-3-7065-4365-1

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